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Opportunity Is Knocking

By Allegra - Rolling Meadows

Yes, the economy stinks. It looks nothing like it did a few years ago. Being in the biggest housing boom in US history will make anything else look like a recession.Five million homes will be sold this year along with billions of dollars worth of stuff in every category in the economy. With the slowdown,…

We Will All Be Paying More For Tee Shirts

By Allegra - Rolling Meadows

A story on CNN money late last week said raw cotton prices have doubled recently. So, expect to pay a couple bucks more for a tee shirt in the coming year. The biggest cotton producer, China, was hit by a drought. India circled the wagons in a protectionist move. And Pakistan was hit with a…

The [Mail]Man Behind The Curtain

By Allegra - Rolling Meadows

Because we do advertising mail, people are asking me about postal delivery all the time. It takes 2 to 9 days for your standard mail to be delivered, even to a local address, and 2 to 3 days for your first class mail to make the same trip. Nancy DeDiemar, a national print shop mailing…

Make Sense of Business Card Masters

By Allegra - Rolling Meadows

Here we will explain how to use business card masters, or shells, to save money, time and increase quality. As we see it, that is the big three for our customers. How does printing masters save money? Well, first off every time we put a special color on our presses, it costs you money. So…

Recent Business Card Trends

By Allegra - Rolling Meadows

We have noticed a few changes in the way people are designing and using business cards. They seem to be less formal these days and a little bit more friendly. Now that full color printing is quite common for business cards, you’re more likely to see full-color graphics and logos or photos on them. Another…