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Embossing & Debossing

By Allegra - Rolling Meadows

The cool, understated elegance created by embossing provides a unique look as well as security. “Embossing” is the term used for two similar processes. The far more popular process is the art of raising a relief image of words or pictures in paper. This is known specifically as embossing. The other process is called debossing,…

Variable Data and You

By Allegra - Rolling Meadows

What gets your attention better than your name? If you’re walking through a crowd and someone calls to you, you will stop in your tracks to look around. The same rule applies in marketing. With Variable Data Printing (VDP) you can call out to each and every one of your customers individually and stop them…

The Impact of Printers on Forests

By Allegra - Rolling Meadows

How can an industry that is based on paper consumption have a positive impact on forests? It takes one tree to produce a stack of paper that stands about 5 1/2 feet tall. It takes 15 trees to produce 400 packages of paper—a full skid. Nevertheless, through direct and indirect influences, the printing industry as…

Pebbles & Ponds

By Allegra - Rolling Meadows

Like a large pond, the world is interconnected, and a single pebble can cause ripples that are felt long after the pebble has sunk to the bottom. We have seen a devastating example of this with the housing market debacle of recent years. Another pebble has fallen, not quite as big, but it is causing…